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Don't fail to pay for your school tuition. Plant for school

Tree4School is an extension of the TreeCapital programs that aims at jointly combating climate change, unemployment and provide/supplement tuition/school fees needs.
Participation can be by the young people who need school fees/ tuition and/or their caretakers/ families.
The young people set up tree nurseries with the help of TAU and take care of them for a period of six months when TAU purchases the saplings from their nurseries and they make a commitment that the money obtained be used for their school fees/ tuition and also to enable them/ their caretakers to start up businesses from which the proceeding tuition/ school fees will be obtained.
This provides time for the young people to concentrate on their studies, reduces incidences of child labor and provides additional income for their families thereby improving their livelihoods. In addition to that the various benefits of trees such as fruits from the Fruit trees improve the well-being of the communities where they are planted and all together the trees planted modify the climate and help in combating the effects of climate change.Corporate companies adopt these trees as part of their CSR.

Having trouble paying your school fees. Embrace out Trees 4 School Program. Plant Trees. Pay your school fees