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Block 85, Plot 27Sir Apollo Kaggwa Road

08.00 to 17.00Mon to Fri

The Bookcamp is organized on the weekends; it features scholars from good performing schools in the city like Kampala and other individuals. They all travel to Katiiti to sit down with the locals and school going children and read, teach and inspire them. This enables inspiration of the rural children to emulate the success of those that come to share with them.

Book Review

We have a “Bookathon” a group of students is tasked to read a book in 2 days and write a book review immediately. The Volunteer assists the students in selecting a book and explaining what is expected of a 1 page review. The student who writes the best book review wins a trip to Kampala, to visit key educational and cultural sites.

Read, Teach, Inspire

Each Volunteer sits down with a group of students, choose a story book of their liking and will guide the children through the reading, helping those articulate words better, improve sentence construction and comprehend the literature better.
The volunteers will also share with the children their own aspirations and encourage each student to share their own aspiration. They will then work together to map out the entire journey and brain storm what is required for each student to achieve their dream career.

Speech Contest

The volunteer  work s with a select group of students on a given theme for a speech to be delivered towards the end of the program. The student who gives the best speech wins a trip to Kampala, to visit key educational and cultural sites.


Here comes the fun! At BookCamp we make reading fun and at the same time we use games that further intrigue the students and challenge them intellectually. As thus we encourage you to carry a chess board, draft board, monopoly, mention it and teach the kids how to play the games. When time allows we will work with the students to design these games using locally available resources – you might finally apply your art skills by molding chess pieces; – the king, the Queen and the lovely knight in clay!