Under TreeKaramoja, TAU and its corporate partners will turn Karamoja into Northern Uganda’s green belt by planting over 5,000 trees per year in Karamoja. An annual country wide and international campaign will be done to rally both local and international participants to travel and camp in Karamoja over a period of two – three weeks to plant the trees. The trees will modify climate, promote biodiversity, improve household welfare and turn Karamoja into Northern Uganda’s Green belt.


The Karamoja region is well known for its pastoral activities as it is the main source of livelihood in their community and the region has been characterized by civil wars due to cattle raids and limited water sources, famine, drought, malnutrition, among others. With limited vegetation cover, the chances of these challenges being addressed is minimal as the same problems will recur if no solution is found. It is therefore imperative to link the strengths of the Karamoja region to sustainable solutions. Tree Karamoja will not only bring the world to Karamoja but will re-brand the region as one endowed with potential and serve as a benchmark for sustainable development in Africa.

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Under the TreeKaramoja project, TAU hopes to;

Create a green belt in Karamoja
Plant over 5,000 trees per year in Karamoja
Create and increase climate change awareness in Uganda and world over
Promote environmental conservation knowledge and practices among the
Provide sustainable business skills to the youth
Create and enhance responsibility towards the environment by companies.

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